The school is a government subsidized non-profit organization.

At present the school accommodates  learners between the ages of 3 to 18 years.  We provide for the cerebral palsied and physically disabled (congenital or post trauma.)

Cerebral Palsy is in short, children with various degrees of brain damage.  It is the result of an injury to the immature central nervous system. Depending on the extent and the area of damage, different disabilities such as epilepsy, physical and/or learning problems, hearing, visual and speech impairment may occur. Mainly learners with orthopaedic handicaps, like Spina Bifida, brittle bone, amputees etc. are admitted. Learners with genetic abnormalities or certain syndromes can also be admitted, if their condition justifies specialized education.

Because early intervention is very important to the disabled, the school is also providing a service here: baby evaluations and therapy resulting from this are taking place on a weekly basis and are done by the multi- professional team.

The staff consists of 31 teachers, 6 occupational therapists, 5 speech therapists and 5 physiotherapists, 3 psychologists, 3 nursing staff, 5 administrative clerks as well as 17 class and /or general assistants. The school has a junior and a senior hostel that accommodate a total of 96 children.  The school’s headmaster is Dr. G.S.P Janse Van Vuuren and he is supported by two deputy principals namely Mrs. L. van den Berg and Mr. G. Bruwer. The school also has a team of 5 security guards that protects the school throughout the day.

These children have the same dreams as other children, although it takes much more courage and perseverance to reach their goals. 

Specialized education is very costly because more remedial and adapted equipment is needed to enable these children to reach their maximum potential. The school subsidy is insufficient and therefore it is mostly dependant on fund-raising events.

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