The school has an UCSA team consisting of representatives of teachers and therapists.  Our goal is to spiritually uplift teachers and learners of the school.  We try to achieve this goal by means of motivational speakers, organizing special event days like Valentines day, Easter, Women’s day, etc.  The highlight off the year is the UCSA camp for the learners.  Each year we have a different phase going to the camp.  This year the Intermediate Phase will go to the camp.  We are really looking forward to this.

Educational Leisure Camp

Each year the learners of Pretoria School are privileged to go on a camp.  Each year the different departments/ phases of the school alternate.

In 2009 the Intermediate Phase went to Camp Discovery where they mainly were trained in nature conservation and sustainable growth.  Other enjoyable activities included:

  • Swimming
  • Mud building competition
  • Snake exhibition
  • Go-cart rally
  • Crossbow competition
  • Camp fire concert
  • A night of dancing and music
  • A game ride on a game farm

Group activities teach the learners important principles of co-operation, support and negotiation in a fun environment.

Music and performance:

Percussion Band and Choir

Learners participate in cultural activities that accommodate their skills and abilities. Performances are on invitation to rehabilitation centres as well as schools involved in inclusive education. Performances promote exposure to and education between main stream schools and special schools, as well as people in remission from trauma and disabling events. It is amazing to see how our learners have overcome major physical disabilities at their own ease.

House Dance Group

The team consists of 9 dancers and one assistant who is responsible for training sessions. The members take pleasure in learning and dancing this mixture of Kwaito, an African dance and hip-hop. They perform in various places according to invitations.


Pretoria School for cerebral palsied children is proud to present a school concert every two years. Our children participate in singing, dancing, acting and other forms of art. It takes a big team effort to bring a good concert to the stage and the staff of Pretoria School are always giving it everything they have.

We had a concert last year as a farewell to the former principal and will be presenting one again in 2010 to celebrate our 60th anniversary.

Afrikaans Cultural Festival (Eisteddfod)

Our children take part in the Eisteddfod art competition annually.  In 2009 a record number of 55 learners and a speech choir participated. They achieved amazing results. 7 learners received an A++, 10 learners received an A+, 13 learners received an A, and 7 learners received a B+.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our learners to compete against other schools and to boost their self-esteem.